A 5th and 6th Generation Family Cider Mill


Our Family Story of How We Became: Minard Farms Beverage Company

By Christina DeMaio (6th Generation Farmer's Daughter)

In 1889 Frank Terhune started by buying 7 acres of farming land on Hurds Road.  Years later William Minard Sr. then took over and made it 15 acres.

Harold Minard (My Great Grandpa) increased the size  and farmed 30 acres.  In 1953 Harold passed away and Mildred (My Great Grandma) took it over and in 1955 she built it up to 60 acres.

My grandfather John Minard rented the farm in 1957 from his mother since his dad passed away when he was 17 years old.  Eventually he and his wife Yvonne Minard (My Gram) purchased the farm.  At the highest point my grandparents had 320 acres of Apple Farming land as well as a pick your own on the home farm in Clintondale as well as Stone Ridge.  In 1969 John and Yvonne built the packinghouse and in 1971 they built the cider mill.  They promptly added and built Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Rooms 1&2, and eventually CA 3 and CA 4.

John and Yvonne raised three daughters, Cheryl, Patty, and Diane who enjoyed watching and learning from Grandpa and Gram.  Grandpa and Gram worked extremely hard while also always providing for their family.  In 2003, my Grandparents retired after almost 50 years of farming to enjoy life after working so hard.  In 2014 Diane Minard-DeMaio (My Mom) and Fred DeMaio (My Dad) purchased the homestead and cider mill where as a family we make fresh pressed Apple Cider, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and Raspberry Lemonade.  We hope you enjoy it!

If you are interested in carrying our delicious line of products for your business, please call us at (845) 883-7102.